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Company Overview

Corpvisory is a consultancy firm comprising experienced Chartered Accountants in association with an experienced team of Legal advisors, and Management Experts.
The partners have experience of more than 3 decades in the field of financial management across various industries and have extensive experience in Fund raising, Debt restructuring, Transaction structuring, Tax management, Compliance activities, etc. They are known for their out of box solutions to typical financial and managerial issues.

Our Services

Virtual CFO

Implementing the CFO services, our experienced and qualified professionals take complete responsibility for the role of Head of Finance in the organization.

Management Consultancy

Advisory on new business opportunities and risk assessment of the proposed transactions

Insolvency, Liquidation, and Bankruptcy Matters

Providing services to financial institutions and Insolvency Professionals to ensure the process runs smoothly and to provide assistance in cross border insolvency matters.

Fund Raising, Debt Restructuring

Structuring of Debt Instruments Helping in Fund Raising through various fund-raising tools including equity/debt instruments.

Tax Advisory – Direct & Indirect Tax

At every point of the business lifecycle, our team of specialists offers assistance to firms on a variety of tax and regulatory issues, helping them to explore and seize the opportunities.

International Clients

Our goal is to assist companies in becoming more tax efficient globally by minimizing tax incidence, lowering tax and compliance expenses across numerous jurisdictions.
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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a dependable platform for all partners and stakeholders for the services provided.
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Ajay Gupta

Chartered Accountant

A qualified Chartered Accountant, and an Insolvency Professional (IIPICAI), DISA (ICAI), FAFD (ICAI),

Manoj Kumar Jain

Chartered Accountant

A qualified Chartered Accountant, and an Insolvency Professional (IIPICAI) with a strong acumen for legal and commercial..

Ayush Mittal

Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant, LLB, (Hons), FAFD (ICAI), CCAB(ICAI) having professional experience of over 6 years in....